Srujan The Activity Club

“SRUJAN” – THE HOBBY CLUB encourages students with an interest in perform tic realm either as on stage or off stage contributor. The club is designed to provide a venue for exploration of various aspects in the perform tic forum for the exchange of ideas amongst students who share a common interest. Students who enjoy all aspects of the performing arts (singing, dancing and acting) are encouraged to join the club as they learn the skills and rehearse for each spectacular show.

In addition, the organization grooms students to harness creativity effectively with a variety of different contests or workshops and exercises so as to benefit an individual's skill and competence as a performer. 

In order to facilitate a culture of bonding amongst our batches, it is encouraged that the students are part of a broad array of co-curricular activities and recreational clubs to enhance our students experience in the campus. Building Communities beyond Class rooms and explore one’s professional interests in such activities will help them regain self confidence and achieve greater heights. In essence, these clubs will give a soul to the campus.

We invite all of you for E- registration for getting club membership.

Those who get their names enrolled will be able to attend the activities arranged time to time under the flagship of club.