Spandan-Annual cultural Fest

The annual festival of SVCE was a perfect platform for the students to showcase their vivid talents. The annual festival organized not only to portray the cultural manifests SVCE’s approach of holistic development of the students. The event was marked by the presence of dignitaries from academic as well as corporate world. The students enthralled the audience by their up to the mark performances. The event is amalgam of different cultural activities, fun & frolic. It gives the students an energetic stroke to put in their best & to showcase their talents, and at the same time, edifies the spirit of team building and management.



Taarunayam, SVCE has branched out to every genre aiming at concentrating the power of youth towards innovation and development of different sectors. This event is organized for the students, by the students. It also refers to the independent body of students who organize this event along with many other social initiatives and outreach programs round the year. Taarunyam has set various benchmarks like gathering of more than 6000 students from different technical institutes in India. More than 41 exciting events have been offered by the fest, which binded the participants and viewers for 2 days. This tech-culture fest unleashes the youth force and its potential every year.



The BAJA SAE Series is an event for the undergraduate of Mechanical/Electronics/Electrical engineering students, Organized globally by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), USA. The event has spread its wings to six countries- India, USA, Mexico, South Africa, Korea and Brazil. The BAJA SAE task the students to design, fabricate and validate a single- seater four-wheeled All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) to task part in series of events spread over a course of 3 days that test the vehicle for the sound engineering practices that have gone into it, the agility of the vehicle in terms of gradability, acceleration, suspension, traction and maneuverability characteristics and finally, its ability to endure the back braking durability test. Venue of this event in India is at NATRAX facility of NATRIP, Pithampur, Dist.: Dhar, near Indore.


NEN membership:

Swami Vivekanand College of Engineering, Indore is Member institute of National Entrepreneurship Network funded by Wadhwani Foundation.

About NEN

Wadhwani Foundation established the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) in 2003. NEN has built a strong network with 600 colleges, 4000 mentors and 3200 faculty in India that continue to inspire, educate and support emerging entrepreneurs. Thousands of practicing entrepreneurs and startups are also supported through NEN’s Entrepreneur Academy that features hundreds of short videos from experienced entrepreneurs, angels, VCs along with dozens of longer video courses and blog posts. Since inception, NEN has resulted in 2,000 new startups with 12,000+ direct and 50,000+ indirect jobs and is now tracking 1,500+ new companies each year.

Faculty Leader @ SVCE

Dr. Vishal Soni

Prof. Saurabh Jain


Student Leader @ SVCE

Mr. Charles Chacko as President

 Ms. Samiksha Sant as Secretary

Mr.  Hamza Pithawala as Treasurer


Award & Recognition:

SVCE, Indore won the Institute Outreach Award 2015 on 21-02-15