Department and Faculty

The MBA Program was established in 2006 to provide leadership in the area of management education with an emphasis on developing all round managerial skills. The MBA Program is ideally offered to synergies with the engineering and Pharmacy Programs offered by the group . In doing so, we believe that MBA Program will continue to create employable managers who will make significant contributions in industry in times to come .

The MBA program has the following educational objectives
  • To Develop individuals who are Knowledgeable, Skill-full and are employable
  • To Develop individuals who are able to apply management theory in current business practices
  • To Develop individuals who are able to communicate effectively and work as members of a team
  • To Develop individuals who have well-developed problem-solving and ethical decision-making skills, as well as leadership abilities
  • To Develop individuals who have an understanding of global business issues and their impact on businesses

Faculty member

  1. Dr. A. G. Ambekar
  2. Dr. U.B.S. Chandrawat
  3. Dr. Vishal Soni
  4. Prof. Priyanka Maheshwari
  5. Prof. Dhara jain
  6. Prof. Priya Keshri
  7. Prof. Anand Urmaliya