Proposed workshop

Title:- Application of Digital Signal Processing in Medical
Date:- 18&19 March 2015
Duration:-2 Days

Experts are;-
  1. Dr. R.B. Pachori
  2. Dr. P.P Bansod
  3. Dr. Mr. Surendra Yadav

Faculty Development Program

  • Title:- Application of MATLAB Tools
  • Duration:-2 hours
  • Date:- Every working Saturday
  • Experts:- Mr. Sriram Sanka

Workshop Schedule in Incubation Center ( January – June, 2015)

Title Duration (hrs) Month/Week Audience Instructors Remarks
Playing with Embedded C 6 Feb 09-14 VI, VIII

Vijay Sharma, Sriram Sanka

Thinking in C, coding steps and constructs, examples
Workshop on Plagiarism 2 Feb 16-20 VI, VIII Sriram Sanka Plagiarism examples, proper citing, paraphrasing
Exploring MATLAB’s Communication Toolbox 4 Feb 23-28 VI Rohit Bhayre  
Introduction to Electronic Circuit Design 6 Feb 23-28 IV Sriram Sanka, Vijay Sharma Schematic, parts, datasheets, simulation tools, PCB
Playing with Arduino 6 Mar 09-14 IV Sriram Sanka,
Vijay Sharma
Microcontrollers, Arduino, AVR, rapid-prototyping
Verilog and FPGA 6 Mar 23-28 VI Vijay Sharma  
Comparative Survey of Electronic Simulation Tools 6 Mar 16-20 IV, VI, VII Sriram Sanka,
Vijay Sharma
Multisim, Tina Pro, Proteus, CircuitMaker, LTSpice


Year-long Real-world Projects for 2nd and 3rd year Students
Incubation Center: Sriram Sanka, Vijay Sharma

Project Title Phase 1 (2 months) Phase 2 (3 – 4 months) Phase 3 (4 months)
Tuition fee due notification using Android Data formats, Android platform, app engine Database, app development Integration, testing, troubleshooting
Real-time voice pitch modifier Signal processing using MATLAB Signal processing with Arduino Embedded C and assembly, 2 groups

Electronics & Communication Activity Club Inauguration

The Teachers Day celebration on 5th September was an auspicious day intended to celebrate both, the Teachers Day and the inauguration of the EC activity club, ‘UDAAN’. The auditorium was occupied by the team of faculties belonging to the EC department along with director and also accompanied by the EC department HOD Mrs. Megha Soni and students of 1st ,2nd, and 3rd year of Electronics and Communication. The day was an excellent representation of the innovative spirit of the EC activity club members along with the classmates who helped in order to make this event a success.

The event began at 1:30 when the faculties started arriving one by one who were welcomed by activity club members team headed by Gayatree Barfa. The faculty members were welcomed with sweets and application of ‘TILAK’ on their forehead followed by presenting them with a coconut. After the arrival of each faculties, director and HOD madam, the proceedings began. The event began with ‘Saraswati Vandana’ which is an important Hindu mantra that is recited for higher knowledge and wisdom. This mantra was recited by a team of club members comprising of Divya Pal, Prachi Gautam and Kajal Mahajan.

The entire event was anchored by the duo of club members Danesh Gupta and Priyanka Chhabadiya who gave a welcome speech and later handed over the mic to the activity club president Dinesh Pal who recited a poem praising the Lord Almighty. After the poem, the EC activity club ‘UDAAN’s’ logo was unveiled by the director thus inaugurating the club. Following the inauguration, there were certain games held for the faculties such as guessing the song by listening to the tunes. The faculty members actively participated in these games and the students cheered them up with claps. After all these activities, a few eatables were served to the faculties and the students after which the students dispersed to their classes and the faculties went on to continue with their lectures thus concluding the celebrations of the Teachers Day and the inauguration of the EC activity club ‘UDAAN’ successfully.