For any problem or complaint regarding transportation may contact transport In-charge or administrative officer.

Mr. Gajendra Das Kushwah  (Transport Incharge)

Mb : +919907664208


Mr. Suresh Sharma (Administrative Officer)

Mb : +917879830114

Bus No. 1 Bus No. 2 Bus No. 3 Bus No. 4
Reliance Petrol Pump,
Mandi Chouraha( BNP)
Rajendra Police Chowki,
Bijal pure
Pitampur Rajmohalla Square


Bus No. 5 Bus No. 6 Bus No. 7 Bus No. 8
Mhow Naka Geeta Bhawan Khajrana Sq. Kanadia Square


Bus No. 9 Bus No. 10 Bus No. 11 Bus No. 12
Vashali Nager Police cho. Manik Bridge Annpurna Mandir M.R. 10


Bus No. 13 Bus No. 14 Bus No. 15 Bus No. 16
G.P.O. Rashoma Lab Sanawad Bus Stand Gandhi Nagar


Bus No. 17 Bus No. 18 Bus No. 19 Bus No. 20
Narval Square Sirpur Talab Nurani Nagar Sangam Nagar Sager Automobiles


Bus No. 21 Bus No. 22 Bus No. 23 Bus No. 24
Narval Square Silicon City Panchvati Colony Reliance Petrol Pump,
Mandi Chouraha( BNP)


Bus No. 25 Bus No. 26 Bus No. 27 Bus No. 28
Sanawad Bus Stand Katar Gaon Khalghat Ghatabilod


  1. Bus will not wait for any student under any circumstances for a longer duration on both ways i.e. pick up/ drop.
  2. The bus shall not wait on any stop except for the stops decided by the College bus incharge/ College authorities.