HOD- Electrical & Electronics Department

Mr. Hemendra Khedekar

He did his post graduation M.Tech with specialization in Power Electronics from RGPV, Bhopal M.P. He did graduation in Electrical Engineering from Vikram University, Ujjain. He has teaching experience of 15 years. He has published 10 papers in various national/internationals. He has also attended various FDP,conferences, seminars and workshops. He has guided more than 30 MTech Thesis & many more B.Tech Major Projects on real time problems

Our Programes




Specialization in Power System



  • Our focus to make students technically superior and ethically strong.
  • Who can serve in society & technical field of engineering on the basis of technical knowledge & good human thinking.
  • To change the life style of human being in society. SVCE students lead in every field of life and represent the college.


  • Our mission is to serve society through excellence technical education to solve real time problems.
  • We motivate to students for innovate the new ideas regarding current situations.
  • Prepare the students with strong fundamental concepts, analytical capability, circuit design and problem solving skills.
  • To make the students as for as possible industry ready to enhance their employability in the industries.

Program Educational Objectives

  • Graduates will excel in identifying, formulating, and solving engineering problems creatively and ethically, utilizing critical thinking and innovative approaches to address real-world challenges.
  • Apply standard practices and strategies in electrical knowledge.
  • Graduates will function efficiently as team members or leaders, demonstrating the ability to work collaboratively, adapt to various roles, and contribute constructively to multidisciplinary projects.

Program Specific Outcomes

  • Graduates should understand the environmental and sustainability implications of electrical engineering projects and make informed decisions to minimize negative impacts.
  • Graduates should have the skills to utilize modern engineering software, hardware, and tools effectively to model, simulate, analyze, and design electrical systems.
  • Students should be proficient in conducting experiments, gathering data, analyzing results, and drawing conclusions to validate electrical engineering concepts and theories.